Arena Christmas Bauble Auction 2014

The Eighth Christmas Bauble Auction

Loosely based on the Fabergé Egg and born as a fund raising event, these collections celebrate the artistic talent housed in Arena studios on an annual basis. This year sees 10 boxes available for purchase. Each hand made box contains 6 solid wood baubles by 6 different artists along with a booklet containing the artists signatures.

Bidding starts on Monday 1st of December and closes on Monday 15th December at 00.00

Bids start at £20.00 with the winning bids being the highest at the close of the auction.

To bid please send an email to with the subject ‘Arena Baubles 2014′, your contact details and amount you are bidding.

Your bid will be confirmed via email. During the auction period if your bid becomes unsuccessful you will be offered the opportunity to increase your offer.

To keep up to date on newly released bauble pictures please visit: