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Can you keep a secret- Phil McKay

Phil McKay, Can you Keep a Secret, digital print

Ed Bruce Brockwell03_small110829 (2)

Edward Bruce. Brockwell SW1, ink on paper

Tomo Cup-Of-Tea-&-A-Conspiracy-Web (2)

Tomo, winner of Liverpool Art Prize 2012 People’s Choice, Cup of Tea & a Conspiracy Web, drawing and mixed media

Candle Stick - Roy Lewis

Roy Lewis, Candlestick, altered found objects

Halley - Richard Meagan

Richard Meaghan, 2009 Liverpool Art Prize shortlisted artist, Halley, oil on paper

Dave Cowey Theatre of the Absurd-1 (2)

Dave Cowey, Theatre of the Absurd, digital print preserved in amber resin

Teamwork - Sofia Mohamed Noor

Sufea Mohamad Noor, Teamwork, papercut

Horse untitled

Horse, Bike vs Beast #1, screenprint

Tea Pot - Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson, Teapot, stoneware

Anthony Pendlebury Untitled

Anthony Pendlebury, The Highlands/Another Place (Dyptich), acrylic on vinyl and acrylic with collage on paper

Untitled - Tabitha Moses

Tabitha Moses, Liverpool Art Prize shortlisted artist 2013, untitled, leather gloves, buttons and museum box

Walking without a Bag - Peter Cameron

Pete Cameron, Walking Without a Bag, pastel on paper

Canopy Danny John

Danny John, Canopy, acrylic on paper

Amy Winehouse Joe Murtagh

Joe Murtagh, Amy Winehouse, digital print

Dancers Charlie Frais

Charlie Frais, Blue Dancers, acrylic on paper

Integrated Rotations - Simon Hardman

Simon Hardman, Integrated Rotations, pen on paper

Kirsten Little - untitled

Kirsten Little, Birds with Bones Dyptich, acrylic on found objects

Untitled - Jen Porter

Jen Porter, untitled, acrylic on canvas

Bird Dance  - Birdgirl

Bird Dance, Birdgirl, pen and ink on paper

Fractionalise - Tony Smith

Tony Smith, Fractionalise, acrylic and oil on canvas

Pepper - Steve Strode

Steve Strode, Pepper, oil on canvas

Death Mask - Marc D Lewis

Marc D Lewis, Death Mask, charcoal and graphite on paper

Beautiful England Josie Jenkins

Josie Jenkins, Beautiful England, acrylic and oil on canvas

Palimpsest on Tile - Sian Hughes

Sian Hughes, Palimpsest on Tile, cyanotype print

Carol Ramsay nest collage2 (2)

Carol Ramsay, Bird Nest, collage and watercolour on paper


Ruth Piper, Dasies, oil on canvas

Julie Dodd

Julie Dodd, Sinister Structure, papercut collage

Beth Maher Makaria (2)

Bethany Maher, Simon Mora. Makaria, digital print – artist’s proof

Exotic Invigilator (2) Craig Sinclair

Craig Sinclair, Exotic Invigilator, collage

Blue Boats Helen Pendlebury

Helen Pendlebury. Blue Boats, photograph

Susan Stevens lakeside fanfare

Susan Stevens. Lakeside Fanfare, oil on canvas

All Stories are about Wolves

Mike Snowdon, All Stories are about Wolves, hand pulled screenprint

electro with new trainers (2)

Mark Harrison, Electro Cat, acrylic on canvas

Nathan pendlebury

Nathan Pendlebury. Pink/Green Liver Building (Dyptich), giclee print


Claire Weetman, winner of Metal Shanghai Residency 2012, Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here? (UP), photogram

AKA's, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits

William Johnston – AKA, Parallel Personas & Self Portraits, screenprint

Sean Steele

Sean Steele, Four Heads, biro on post it notes

communion (1)

Anna Ketskemety. Communion, long exposure photograph


Frank Moore, Smug, oil on board


Lucy Wilson, Birds, giclee print on fine art paper


Erica Hamilton, Just a Moment Ago, acrylic on canvas


Mike Lacey, Idol City, acrylic and collage on board


Marianna Whitehorn, Red Flowers, oil on canvas


Mo Peacock, Pedro, drawing in pen and ink on Fabriano paper


Howard Glover, Screw Loose, water based oil on hardboard, screw and fixing

Steve Kitchen 1

Steve Kitchen, Chippy Chips, digital print

Nick Sykes

Nick Sykes, Fiesta, household paint and acrylic on board

Lee Donnelly

Lee Donnelly, Hugo, linocut collage

John Ailing

John Ayling, Plate, Earthenware with porcelain slip and porcelain buttons

Marie Canning necklace

Marie Canning, Necklace, porcelain hand thrown and hand built pendant with gold lustre, suspended from a 16 inch sterling silver chain


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