Arnie by Jen Porter

‘Arnie’ by Jen Porter
Preview Thursday 15th November
Open Thurs, Fri, Sat 11am – 5pm until 24th November.

Join us at Arena on Thursday 15th November for the preview of ‘Arnie’.  Make a night of it with DJ and band (Coroda) downstairs the the Elevator Bar from 7.30pm.

‘Arnie’ is a new exhibition by Jen Porter, exploring the myth of the hero.  What makes a hero?  How does this pervasive myth shape the perceptions we have of ourselves?  Do Hollywood’s elaborate scenes of battles, bullets and biceps connect to our experience of modern day life, humour, suffering and our role as a man or a woman in society?

 This exhibition is a response to an interest in heroism being the male alternative to glamour.  Through images found in film, TV, and online ‘image’ searches, the work is an homage to the hyper-masculinised movie character, in particular the unquestionable strength of ‘Arnie’ and his personification of the 80s action hero.

Jen Porter creates work out of film stills, music sleeves, old magazines and photographs.  She is interested in the way modern life is shaped through the media, internet, TV, films and video games.  A self-confessed cinephile, she uses the beauty and violence found in the poetry of films to create new images that explore memory, gender and nostalgia.  Her work sometimes incorporates moving image, along with drawing, painting and collage.


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