Think Outside The Box by Matthew Lloyd

Arena Studio and Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition to coexist with the Liverpool Biennial by Matthew Lloyd, Think Outside The Box.
Matthew Lloyd presents us with an intimate installation of a singular artwork; Think Outside The Box. Acting as a forceful symbol whose main intention is to induce empathy and ignorance. The symbolic nature of the sculpture carries enough connotations of mortality, and when combined with an important aspect transformed (the colour) the artwork projects itself out of the lethality and into operative. By doing this the artist purposely is able to stimulate the damaging notions of stereotypical views, caused by unfamiliarity. Importantly the artwork is able to fall into a contradiction towards an environment of the negative prosecutor (someone who might act upon with ignorance) but the artwork is then reconciled from this cliché subtext by the title itself, thus creating a balanced perception and so applying the immediate message; to re-question ones own ethics on Morality.
October 26th – November 3rd 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday 25th October 2012 6-9pm

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