Anima Animus by Robert Flynn

Open Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th August 12pm – 5pm

Anima Animus by Rob Flynn  – Preview Saturday 17th August 6pm – 9pm.  Viewing by appointment from Thursday 15th August to Sunday 25th August.

Robert Flynn is a Liverpool, UK based artist. His work is inspired by the psychological, the unconscious and fantasies, and by how these aspects inform the human condition. Working across a variety of mediums, he creates work that explores these elements by using a combination of sculpture, costume, new media and installation which he then photographs, so as to separate the viewer from the object/image, distorting their perceptions of it, and presenting it as a (false/parallel) reality.

The Anima-Animus series, inspired by Jungian archetypes is a collection of photographic portraits that use a mixture of costume/sculpture as a means to communicate and explore unconscious thoughts and desires that escape words and description.

Deviation: a Surreal Life Drawing Event returns this summer at Arena Studios and Gallery  Thursday 15th August, 6pm – 9pm.

Deviation aims to give people the chance to experience drawing models, environments, situations and installations which offer different and interesting shapes, textures and lighting that aren’t usually encountered within a normal life drawing class. If you are interested in attending these drawing events or wish for more information, please contact

Bring your own drawing materials
£6 per person

Rob flynn flyer (3)

Deviation poster (3)


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