Antumbra by Tom Ross

Antumbra by Tom Ross – Preview Thursday 11th October 6pm – 9pm

The Arena Gallery is proud to present Antumbra, a pop up show by Arena artist Tom Ross. This installation is based on a man’s survival to find beauty in life and nature with having to…

endure the worst of it. The result is a pure influence from nature’s designs, going beyond human sight of reasoning, to delusional coping mechanisms that may or may not exist.Private view Thursday 11th October 6pm – 9pm. The exhibition will continue 11am – 5pm Friday 12th October – Sunday 14th October and will also be open for the Long Night, Friday 19th October 6pm – 9pm.

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  1. […] The ‘Antumbra’ installation, was inspired by the artist’s experiences in Columbia, particularly of a person’s dwelling space.  ‘Antumbra’ conveyed a shack built within the artist’s mind.  Lamplight was used to explore its internal labyrinth, and use of ultra violet paint gave hung images a visual perspective you could reach into.  Its effect, in my mind, a cocooning shelter from the outside world, a place to escape to. (Link to ‘Antumbra’) […]

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