Peter Appleton

Originally a graduate urban planner I have painted all my life. This background has lead to an interest in the environment that surrounds me. I have observed over the years industrial and urban landscapes and people’s interaction with them. It has become evident to me that the interaction I was seeking was my own. I cannot experience what others experience I can only experience it for myself and to reflect that in my art.

I painting, sketch, and photograph,  when I can out of doors  and my focus is urban/industrial landscape. I walk around areas of interest; city centres, industrial sites, the docks, the river and use my memories of them to reflect a personal sense of place. I include detritus found during my walks and in that way included something of the place. I also use frottage on the painted surface to expose what images may lie under the paint and that way chance plays a part in producing the work.

The palette is limited and detail does not matter as shapes are simplified and rendered more abstract to give a feeling of place or human emotion and not a representation of place/people.

I am a graduate of the University for the Creative Arts in Kent with a First Class Hons Degree in Fine Art – Painting.

My work can be seen at View Two Gallery in Mathew Street Liverpool, and also at Made Here in the Met Quarter also in Liverpool.

My web site is:


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