Sarah Jane Richards

I create small and medium sized intimate paintings which evoke interior and exterior landscapes. Within these works I am seeking new forms and images which aim to emanate from and are part of the content and process. I utilise a variety of painting, mark making and collage techniques to explore a synthesis of form and content. I am inspired by my experiences and memories which I endeavour to portray or express through a juxtaposition of parallel elements including chaos and order, renewal and destruction, form and formlessness.

My current practice is concerned with architectural elements of internal and external viewpoints. My research includes looking at buildings which encompass a wide range of age and style. My visual studies are not only concerned with the space in which architectural buildings sit, nor just within the internal spaces they generate, but also the relationship between forms and other surrounding features, including objects and natural forms. It is hoped that by comparing differing elements of forms, shapes and textures I will encourage a new vision of space and time.

My practice includes a constant reassessment of the arrangements of differing elements within my work and I seek to explore new relationships and context. I aim to enhance the disparity between different painterly forms and content to establish a new expression.