Ollie Halton

I am a painter who lives and works in Liverpool, UK. My work emphasizes a visual representation of the human form in the medium of painting. I pursue this using traditional methods in both the preparation of my painting surface and the types of materials I use. I work almost exclusively with oil paint. This obsession with traditional method’s came about through my love of history. Historical painters such as Velazquez, Rembrandt and Goya have had a huge influence on my own work. As well as compositions that represent human figures or portraits I also strive to paint abstract scenes containing aspects of the human form such as eyes or lips but never a complete figure. These abstract works are characterized by a wide range of expressive brushstrokes as well as a contrasting colour palette. The scale of my work has fluctuated throughout my studies; I have embarked on canvases ranging from 5’’x 4’’ to 9ft x 4ft. Along with painting I also produce lots of drawings from both life and historical references. I wed these sketches with my imagination to create a playground of ideas for my paintings.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ollie_halton/