Maurice Challenor

Maurice Challenor has always been fascinated by the idea that the forest is the hiding place of the land of faerie and of witches and dangerous creatures.

Challenor’s work endeavours to represent the fear of the dark forest or the wild wood in paintings and drawings without being overtly illustrative. He gathers information for his works by walking in the countryside and nearer to home in what remains as pockets of the once vast Mersey forest and is struck by the fragility of humankind when confronted with ancient woodland and the knowledge that without the constant interference by humanity this natural habitat would engulf us in a few generations.

He sees himself as part of a long tradition of landscape painting and cites amongst many others as his influences Caspar David Friedrich, Samuel Palmer, J. M. W. Turner, Paul Nash, Gerhard Richter, Martin Greenland and John Virtue.

His current practice is the use of a restrictive palette and vague but forest like forms to present a feeling of menace within his work.

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