Catherine Harrison

I am inspired by history, decay, cycles, nature, meaning and symbolism. Alchemy is a central theme in my work and I explore this through a number of processes. Manipulating metal that would be normally used for domestic and industrial purposes, into a state of decay and corrosion allows a dramatic and visual transformation to occur.

My work also explores old, discarded metal objects that are themselves traces of what has already lived and is now in a state of decay. Whether the metal objects are found, new, old or used, they already come with associated meanings. Through experimenting, constructing and transforming these materials brings a new perspective and life to these objects.

Abstract drawings show my obsession with the components of alchemy; how metals are made and what is blind to the naked eye. Studying various metals closely and observing the lines and shapes translates into these abstract forms.

I am fascinated by the idea of the classic elements and their associations with the alchemical process. Through my work earth, air, fire and water are highlighted to remind us of their presence and constant effect on everything around us.

Lives and works in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Harrison copper